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Farewell, and . . . by Paul Lytle

It’s true. This is the final issue of Primum Mobile. In this introduction to our final issue, we take a moment to say goodbye.

In Defense of Denominations by Paul Lytle

It has been popular lately to decry denominations and for certain pastors and Christians to call Christians away from denominations and toward a more ecumenical approach to the church. But is that a good idea? We explain why we don’t think it is.

A Third Way? by Paul Lytle

There has been a lot of discussion lately about what people are calling “third way churches.” In these churches, there is a disagreement among the congregation over whether something is right or wrong (usually homosexuality. Mr. Lytle reflects on when he attended a third way church and how it worked out.

Review of Carl Trueman’s The Creedal Imperative by Paul Lytle

A review of Carl Trueman’s call for Christian to adopt written confessions of faith.

Have You Forgotten Me? by Paul Lytle

Our last word in PMM is a reprint of an older article in which Mr. Lytle muses on the very simple truth that, almost no matter what we do in life, we will be forgotten, and why we will not be forgotten in the most important way.


Cover image Assertion of Liberty of Conscience by the Independents of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, by John Rogers Herbert, 1644.

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