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Of Holiness by Jonathan Edwards

Edwards here reflects on the sweetness of holiness. From his “Miscellanies.”

Coveting in the Cloak of Fairness by Paul Lytle

In our ever-changing workplaces, trends come and go, but we should be careful to examine what the business world holds dear to make sure that these values are those that God holds dear as well. In this article, we take a look at some of the aspects of what corporations call “fairness” and ask if we’re not just talking about covetousness.

A Review of John MacArthur’s Strange Fire by Paul Lytle

John MacArthur stirred up a proverbial hornet’s nest with a book and conference, both entitled “Strange Fire,” that looked at the legitimacy of the charismatic movement in the church. While much ink has been spilled on the debate, not a lot of it has been helpful. We review the book and weigh in to discuss some of the real issues behind the debate.

Reflections from the Bar by Paul Lytle

Reflections on a chance occurrence at a bar that has us questioning our role and place in the city and in the church.


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