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Holy Sonnet X by John Donne

A classic sonnet from Donne will start us on our journey this season.

Too Wonderful for Me by Paul Lytle

As a culture, we are quick to make declarations on the way God is without Him actually telling us those things or in contrast to what he has told us of himself. Instead, we should take our cue from Job’s realization at the end of his book, that there are things “too wonderful for me,” and start speaking of God only those things (and all of those things) that He has revealed to us.

Salt and Light in a World of Death by Paul Lytle

As America (and the world) is reaching a very dangerous point in our appreciation and understanding of life, the church often seems occupied with the little skirmishes without addressing the real battle. This is a battle-cry to a fuller understanding of what we as Christians should be doing as our nation runs headlong into death.

Resting in a Father’s Arms by Paul Lytle

A musing on the Father’s love for His children, inspired by the way my year-old son reacts to me.


Cover image View of Salisbury by John Constable, 1820.

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